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Download the zip file and unzip the folder into the plugins directory of your WordPress installation.

Next, log in to your WordPress admin and go to the 'Plugins" section. Click 'activate' under ''.

Finally, under 'Settings' click on '' to be taken to the options panel. Here you can configure which accounts the plugin should check, which blog author the posts should be attributed to, and which category the bookmarks will be posted in. After configuring the plugin, your bookmarks should begin to show up within the hour! uses the built-in WordPress cron feature to automate the process of searching accounts. While not a true 'cronjob', as long as the blog has a decent amount of traffic the plugin will effectively check for new tweets once an hour. This is because WordPress's cron runs on each page-load and checks to see if it has been longer than the scheduled interval since the function was last run. If so, it runs the function and sets the timer forward. So, while your bookmarks won't appear instantly, there should be a minimal amount of time between postings.